Terms and conditions .SE

You register a .se domain name with any of IIS resellers, so-called accredited registrars.

You register a .se domain name with any of IIS resellers, so-called accredited registrars.

IIS Terms and conditions applies regardless of which registrar you choose. These terms and conditions are included in all registrar agreements. Besides that, every registrar has their own terms and conditions.

  • That anyone may register a .se domain as long as it is available. That the principle of “first come, first serve” applies, which means that there is no prior testing before registering a domain name.
  • That the registrant must provide a valid e-mail address and complete contact information.
  • That the name chosen does not violate the law or constitute infringement of, for example, a trademark.
  • That a .se domain may contain at least one and at most 63 characters
  • That a .se domain may contain the letters a-z, å, ä, ö, é and ü, the numbers 0-9, dash, any of the characters of the official Swedish minority languages, or our Nordic neighbors’ languages.

Valid characters

Besides the characters a-z, 0-9 and dash, you can also use å, ä, ö, ü and é in a .se domain. You can also use the characters of the official Swedish minority languages in domain names under .se. In addition to Finnish, Meänkieli (Tornedalsfinska), Sami, Romany and Yiddish, it is also possible to handle the other Nordic countries’ linguistic characters.

In this character table you can find a description of all of the 240+ characters that may currently be used in .se domains.

Blocked and reserved domain names

There are a number of categories of domain names that have been blocked or reserved by IIS. Here you can download a text file with all blocked and reserved domains. The data file is created once daily.

Certain domain names are completely blocked from registration while others are reserved for authorized applicants. If you want to know why a certain type of domain name is blocked, you can read more in our terms and conditions of registration.

Blocked categories

  • All numerical combinations with the format xxxxxx-xxxx which comprise or may comprise a national registration number
  • Domain names that begin with two characters followed by two dashes
  • Domain names aimed for testing and as examples
  • Misleading
  • Main domain names
  • Swedish law

Managment of personal information

For domain holders information regarding the processing of your personal data you leave in connection with registration of domain name is described in IIS Terms and Conditions applicable for the top-level domain .se, article 9.