On-Demand Infrastructure (IaaS)

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Cloud & virtual services

Open an IaaS account for free

Opening an IaaS account is free and should only take a few minutes.
You will be asked to enter a bank card to validate your account.
Adding a card to your account allows you to pay for your monthly usage quickly and easily.

Your card will not be debited at this stage.

Billing is completely flexible and based on resource usage
No resource usage* = No billing.

IaaS Cloud by SafeBrands

Our IaaS package provides access to IT infrastructure services in an entirely virtual environment, where you can create virtual resources on-demand. These resources are all OpenStack-based and include virtual machines, high-performance storage, firewalls and databases.

All the Cloud Computing benefits,
support & security in addition !

Three good reasons to select SafeBrands instances


By choosing our infrastructure to host your applications you will gain the full benefits of cloud computing. Billing is completely flexible and based on resource usage. You only pay for what you use, and the compute power, memory and storage adapts to your needs. Say goodbye to overprovisioning issues or allocation of costly and unused resources.


Our IaaS package is provided free-of-charge. The package remains free until you open an instance. As soon as the first instances have been opened, your account is deemed to be in use and will therefore be billed according to the pricing grid below.


Real-time distribution of your data over several locations. Our on-call teams are available 24/7 to ensure that your applications are running smoothly. Hosting for our dedicated Cloud infrastructure servers is 100% guaranteed to be based in France, and is not subject to the US Patriot Act.

IaaS Cloud : Pricing Grid for Service Usage

TypeResources€ excl.tax per hour

VCPU : 1
Ram : 2Go
Disk space : 25Go



VCPU : 2
Ram : 4Go
Disk space : 50Go



VCPU : 4
Ram : 8Go
Disk space : 100 Go



VCPU : 8
Ram : 16 Go
Disk space : 500Go



VCPU : 12
Ram : 24 Go
Disk space : 750Go



VCPU : 16
Ram : 32Go
Disk space : 1To



VCPU : 20
Ram : 40 Go
Disk space : 1.25To


Grand Master

VCPU : 24
Ram : 48 Go
Disk space : 1,5To


IaaS Offer based on Openstack

IaaS-type packages are aimed at IT management teams and systems/network admin (administrator level). IaaS packages provide access to manage an IT infrastructure service in a virtual environment, enabling virtual resources such as virtual machines, storage, firewalls, networks and servers to be created on demand.

Whether you’re building a company website or the next Killer App, our Public Cloud is designed to respond to even the most critical load increases. Our various architecture components work together to provide you with a true virtual Data Center that is directly accessible via a simple web management interface.

OpenStack is a set of open source software programs which offer IaaS-type Cloud Computing services such as Compute resources, databases and storage. Administrators have access to a dashboard where they can manage all of their settings.

Want to know more ? Visit the official  the official website at Openstack.org or our dedicated page at OpenStack hosting.

Our IaaS Solution