Additional Information on the Dot BERLIN

As a longstanding germanophile I have recently indulged into the publication of articles concerning the new German extensions (.BERLIN, .BAYERN…). The last of this series was about the provisional price of the. BERLIN – set at around 30€. This article sparkedd off a rare controversy. It earned the Mailclub redaction team a strong criticism from M. Dirk Krischenowski, director of dotBERLIN GmbH & Co. KG i.e. the association supporting the dot BERLIN project in an article published by a colleague last week. Imagine our bewilderment as the information we published originated from no other source than the association’s very own website ! Today dotBERLIN GmbH issues a
statement via M. Johannes Lenz-Hawliczek that sheds the light on this peculiar controversy.

« In light of the public discussion which followed this article (from the Mailclub) I would like to clarify the issue. The information presented in the article (a Dot BERLIN at 30€) does indeed origin from one of our websites, namely our wiki, which we use as a German-only platform to discuss and explain a number of questions regarding .BERLIN. Since no URL was mentioned in the original version of the article we referred to the FAQ section of our website where it is stated that we expect the price tag for .berlin to be in a range from 20 to 80 Euros ».

*It is “thanks to the Mailclub…”*

Thanks to the Mailclub article we have become aware that the information in the wiki may lead to the perception that there will be a fixed price, which of course is not correct since the price will be set by the registrars. Consequently, we have updated the wiki accordingly;
any changes can be reviewed via the ‘Versionen’ button
. » would like to thank M. Johannes Lenz-Hawliczek for his public statement.