The Programme Disclosed

The detailed programme of the Second International Domain Name Conference (RINDD) to be held in Paris on March 15th and 16th 2010 has been disclosed. Among the highlights of this second RINDD edition: new extensions, domain name secondary market, IT safety, domain name portfolio management, legal aspects… Ladies and Gentlemen, request your programme!

Monday March 15th

Morning : Towards a New Naming Space

o 08.30 am. : Arrival of participants and welcome note around a breakfast buffet

o 09.00 am : Opening speech

o 09.15 am – 10.30 am : Businesses, Governments and Project Founders Sharing their Experiences

– The Agenda. Latest Feedback on the ICANN Summit in Nairobi

– Presentation of the Final Version of the ICANN’s Application Guide

– The Future of Internet Governance

– Governments’ Responses

– Domainers’ Points of View

– End Users’ Points of View.

o 10.45 am – 12.30 am : Panorama of Extension Types: From the Very Basic to the Specific.

– CommunityTLDs v.s. open gTLDs Projects: dot ECO, dot FOOD, dot GREEN, dot SHOP, dot SPORT…: Usages in a Corporate Environment and Corresponding Business Model.

– CityTLDs and Regional TLDs (dot BZH for Brittany, dot EUS for the Basque Country…): Legacy of the dot CAT, Legitimacy and Related Identity Issues.

– Application TLDs: Following the Steps of the Dot TEL.


Afternoon : Secondary Market and Domain Name Appraisal

o 03.15 pm – 04.15 pm :

– A Domain Name is…

– A unique product that cannot be duplicated

– A product that is cheaper in the first than in the secondary market

– Presentation of the Various Market Places for Domain Name Trading

– Panorama of Prices

– Focusing on dot FR, dot DE and dot EU

– IDN Domains: a New Eldorado

o 04.30 pm – 06.00 pm :

– Elements to be Taken into Account in the Appraisal of a Domain Name Portfolio

– Appraisal Methods and Tools at Hand

– The dot COM : Still a Safe Haven or a Faded Grandeur ?

– Automation v.s. 100% Human Appraisal

– Case Study : Introducing Sedo’s Appraisal Service

– An Accounting Approach: Is it Possible / Recommended to Value Domain Names on One’s Balance Sheet?

Cocktail starting at 06.00 pm

Tuesday March 16th

Morning : Securing Domain Names : a Keystone to the Internet

o 08.30 am : Arrival of participants and welcome note around a breakfast buffet

o 09.00 am – 11.00 am: IT and safety workshop: New DNS Tools to Face New Threats.

– When Safety Stems from TLDs

– Dot BANK

– CorpTLDs

– DNS Structure Optimisation

– Anycast

– Dedicated DNS Servers

– Fending Off Attacks

– Phishing

– Denial of Service

– Case Study

o 11.30 am – 12.30 pm : Introducing Two Extension Types:

– CorpTLDs: Answer to a Red Herring or a Fantastic Opportunity for Businesses? For whom and what for?

– Industry TLDs: A Wonderful Project or a Mere Utopia?


Afternoon: Optimizing one’s Portfolio Now to Better Cope with the Upcoming Changes.

o 02.00 pm – 03.30 pm: Legal Solutions at Hand to the Management of Domain Names.

– Internet Surveillance and Fending off of Fraudulent Practices

– IRT: Applications and Recommendations

– How to Balance One’s Budget? How Hefty will the Check Be for “Sunrise Periods”?

– Case Study : Those Profitable Typoquatted Domain Names …

o 03.45 pm – 05.30 pm: Hundreds of Additional Extensions by the Year 2011… With which Tools and Strategies Should the Upcoming Naming Space be Adressed?

– Acquiring an interesting domain name portfolio is good. Using it wittingly is even better: Panorama of Good Practices (forwarding, indexing, satellite sites, landing pages, adds)

– Which Internal Organization to Set Up (Domain Managers, a Centralized Management, In-house Naming Strategy: Defining One’s Scope of Protection and Managing it)

o 05.30 pm: Closing of the Second International Domain Name Conference: How will the Internet Space Look Like in Three Years’ Time? How Will Businesses Cope with It?

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