2nd International Domain Name Conference

The second edition of the International Domain Name Conference will take place March 15th and 16th in Paris at the Bourse du Commerce. An event not to be missed.

The ICANN accredited registrar the Mailclub organizes this exceptional two-day conference. It is thus carrying on its audacious enterprise of bringing various actors of the domain name industry together. The topic of the conference itself, the domain name, is already challenging as it is multidisciplinary.
A pivotal year

This edition will cover the current hot topic of new extensions. Indeed, there will be a strong upheaval affecting the traditional naming scope (dot COM, dot DE, dot CO.UK…). The International Domain Name Conference could not elude this revolution in progress. The dot NYC, dot BAYERN dot CARS, dot ECO, dot SPORT and their fellow new extensions are coming up soon on the internet … and they will occupy the place of honor in Paris in March! The 2010 edition will also acquire a wide international scope thanks to its numerous speakers.

Faithful Partners

The Second International Domain Name Conference will renew its focus on the important collaboration between the domain name primary and secondary markets.

Similarly, the International Domain Name Conference’s long-standing partners, the French register AFNIC (Association Française pour le Nommage Internet et Coopération) and the dot EU register, EURid (European Registry for Internet Domain Names) will persue the adventure in 2010. Last year’s edition had already sparked keen interest among participants as it brought to light a new vision of the transversal implications of domain names.

The 2010 edition of the International Domain Name Conference targets a wide national and international audience: companies, domainers, patent right experts, advertising professionals, software engineering companies… This integrative approach aims at bypassing old divisions in order to put the domain names at the heart of the debates.

Always seeking to innovate in terms of agenda, the 2010 International Domain Name Conference will feature a focus on internet safety. This topic is too often unduly disregarded. It will get the attention it deserves during the 2010 edition. Expert guest speakers will be presenting the latest solutions to fight such fraudulent practices as phishing, denial of service …

The Second International Domain Name conference will also feature such transverse issues as the elaboration of a naming strategy, dispute management, and valuation of a domain name as an asset. These topics and many others are at the heart of the interest of today’s decision makers who are concerned by the value of their domain name portofolio with the prospect of the coming liberalization of extensions.

The guest speakers of the Conference will offer an analysis of the main extension projects likely to be approved. They will also provide you with a comparative study of these new extensions and of the old ones (dot FR, dot COM, dot DE…) which have so far been used as a standard.

The fine venue of the Bourse de Commerce of the Parisian Chamber of Commerce – itself partner of the Conference – will be a catalyst to encounters and exchange of points of view between the various participants. You will hence get the opportunity to speak with domain name experts throughout the conference, during the several debates and cocktails.

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